Friday, November 22, 2013

Interruptions or Inspriations?

This is how I feel some days about interruptions.

Then I questioned myself.
Why do I laugh at this clip when I find it annoying in my daily life?

The moment of question came when my husband was away for work again.
It honestly felt like I had just closed my eyes to go to sleep that night when I heard a little voice.
I was confused in my sleepy stupor.
Is the dog passing gas next to the bed again?
Now it sounds urgent. I should probably get up and let him out.
I opened my eyes.
Centimeters from my face was my son.
I felt his eyelashes when he blinked.
"I'm hungry." He stated simply. "Is it breakfast time?"
I was too groggy to think of anything other than sleep as I stared back at him.
He blinked again.
I felt the flutter.

Memories of butterflies came back to me in that blink of an eye.
I am irrationally terrified of butterflies.

In this memory, my mom was questioning if my fear was real.
She had picked a fallen butterfly off the sidewalk and tossed it to me.
It stuck to my shirt.
The wind blew and the wings fluttered.

The next thing I did I am not proud of.
I became the definition of screams and runs like a girl.
I flapped my arms with limp wrists crying through tear soaked sobs,
"Get it off! Get it off!"

Suddenly, I was awake.

A few years ago my brain experienced serious trauma.
I lost my long term and short term memory.
I had to relearn how to do everything.
Walking, drawing, thinking, writing....the list goes on.

But with the interruption to my sleep, I had been gifted with one lost memory being returned.
It isn't one I am proud of, but I remember.
I remember!

I made my son a bowl of yogurt and granola.
His favorite, I kid you not.
I grabbed the grocery list pad of paper off the fridge and poured myself a cup of coffee.

After we prayed over breakfast, I wrote a reminder to myself:
Write from life,
Write from experiences,
Write from gained knowledge,
Write from interruptions.

Interruptions are a gift not a nuisance.
Most of the time.
Sometimes it is harder to see past our own selfish agendas, but when we do something unexpectedly good can inspire us.

I encourage you to be inspired, not interrupted today.

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