Thursday, August 27, 2015

Time Flies!

"Time flies never to be recalled."
  Time is a constant. It shouldn't seem to go fast or slow, but this summer time has flown past as fast as the butterflies my son tries to catch in our garden. Flutter past, hoovering for a moment to give the illusion you can catch it, but then it slips through your fingers before you can get a hold on it.

Apart from testing recipes constantly, I took a hiatus for work this summer to focus on what was important to me, my family. Trips to see siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins and friends were made. As time flew by, countless memories were made and photographs were taken to remember the moments.
"Autumn knew she had to act fast.
Appeal to his logical side before the lifeless droning
of NPR eroded away any more of her youth."

~Left on the Edge by Sarah Richards
 Being as my husband is a logical and responsible sort of person, he loves listening to NPR. After ten years of marriage, I am starting to appreciate and enjoy some of the shows, however the repetitive news stories and fund drives deaden my creativity. So while some NPR was listen to, after all this is a marriage and compromise must be struck, audiobooks were utilized. The Hobbit was listened to twice as it is my sons favorite; then we moved on to the Fellowship of the Rings, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.
"Desolate mile after desolate mile, she found her thoughts were doing the same as the trees outside the car window, rushing past in an unfocused blur."
~Taken in the Woods by Sarah Richards
While enjoying Tolkien's books, the route we took is one I know well. It is comprised of trees and then really flat land. Land that stretches out until the horizon becomes where the world curves away. Not desolate, but predictable and a bit boring. So, I spent time developing and creating new patterns for Snoflake Stitchery.

Now schools has begun again. My house is no longer filled with the constant sound effects of Lego creations. The living room of no longer a minefield of Hotwheels. It is quite. The quiet I longed for during the summer. Quiet to work on my books. Quiet to sketch new designs. Quiet to hear my self think. Now I long to hear my son's voice during the middle of the day.
"We won't be able to change the past, only how we react
to a similar situation when it comes up in the future."

~Drowned by Fear by Sarah Richards
Time flies past so don't waste it by wishing, just enjoy what is happening.
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