Monday, November 23, 2015

Give Thanks.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us; it can very easy to get caught up in the details of the holiday.
But what is really important?

There is the cleaning.
I clean more during the next two months getting ready for family and friends than during 'spring cleaning'.

There is the shopping.
Groceries need to be bought and commercialism is in full swing.

There is the cooking. 
Making the perfect bird is not my biggest challenge, I am hosting Thanksgiving and must make a gluten, dairy and soy free feast that doesn't taste like it is flavor free!

This morning brought me a reminder of what is really important.
My son awoke this morning to greet me with a series of sneezes rather than the usual running hug and joyful reminder that it is breakfast time. Normally I walk him to school with my two dogs, however I decided it would be best to drive him to ward away further sneezing fits.

I looked out at the driveway. My car was covered with ice.
After breakfast I made him lunch and geared up to go chip away the winter on my car. 

My son walks out when I am done to get into the car.
He says he can't get in. 

It was frozen shut.
I pulled harder.
It finally gave...up the handle!

I had pulled off the door handle and yet the car door would not budge.
I was very tempted to become enraged.
I wanted to shout out how unfair it was to had the car fall apart in my hand.
I hadn't even finished my first cup of coffee for the day.

Instead I took a deep breath, and looked at my son's face.
His eyes were huge. His mouth slack.

I did something neither of us was expecting.
I laughed.
I remember a verse we had read over breakfast that morning.

"Give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

~1 Thessalonians 5:18

It really wasn't all that important to get upset about.
There were three other car door that opened.
The car could still work to take my son to school on time.

This reminder was perfect before the holiday season begins. Things are not what's important, family is. Giving thanks is the reason for Thanksgiving. Giving thanks in all circumstances is St. Paul reminds us to do.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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