Monday, August 27, 2018

Purpose. Will. Faith.

The past can hold you back, 
the present can trap you
and the future can seem daunting...

Through a retreat, I managed to finally find healing for events in my past;
Through prayer, I find the strength to carry my daily crosses for the glory of God;
What about the future?

The future can seem ambiguous; especially when searching for you path;
the purpose God created you to fulfill.

It is the age old question: What is my purpose?
It should be: What is the will of God?
"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10
When I have a question, I bring it to the Lord in prayer.
"O Lord, reveal to me where in my life I am not serving you.
What area of my heart have I not given up to you?"
Jesus said to me in reply,
"Stop binding yourself to plans of the future that matter little. Bind yourself to prayer and all will work out according to the will of the Father. Do not rush through the garden or up the mountain pass; your purpose is not completed by how fast you can climb, because then you did it for your own glory not to give God glory. Rather slow down to see those in need along the way and bring them to me."
It is a great reminder to slow down.
Don't rush through life to say only that you ran the race, the you fought the fight.
Hold firm to the truth and fulfill the final phrase of the verse (2 Timothy 4:7):
I have kept the faith.

Do you live the faith so that others may see it and come to the Lord?

We all want to know what our purpose in life is.
But what we do with our life matters as much as how we do it.
It is empowering to know, but will you be serving God or self with that knowledge?

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