Monday, June 24, 2013

Midnight Inspriation

Settled perfectly in the dip of the mattress with the blankets cocooning the temperature to perfection and the pillow gently supporting my head, sleep comes swiftly to whisk me peacefully into the dark oblivion of REM.

Artist Unknown.
Suddenly, my eyes snap open and see the clock.
It's midnight.

I have two choices.
I can go back to sleep with the hope I will remember what woke me come morning-OR-I can get up and write it down.

What would you do? 
Get up or try going back to sleep?

I almost always get up. 
Normally I can't get back to sleep even if I want to because the idea that has struck the gong in me head will not be silence with a damper until I get up and get it out on paper. It can be a sketch, doodle or vague description. As long as it is out of my head and on paper, I will be able to return to slumber.

Approximately 93% of the time the idea that got me up is pointless. 
A nonsensical thought with flawed logic.

So why get up? 
Why bother losing sleep?

Hope for the remaining 7%. 
Where in which my subconscious has truly unraveled a solution to a scene in one of my books or figured out the correct angle of perspective to perfect a drawing.

Midnight inspiration is a blessing and a curse for the creative.

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