Friday, March 20, 2015

Yum! Cooking Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free

Work has begun on my new book:
Cooking Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free

Family and friends have been pushing me to write this book since before I finished the Woodmere Trilogy so they can cook for me when I come over to visit.

Six years ago I developed Multiple Sclerosis.
Then I discovered I was allergic to gluten, dairy and soy. 

I didn't know what to eat and I hated vegetables! 

My husband didn't marry me because I could cook.
If food didn't come prepackaged I couldn't cook it.
When I was first married, I frequently burned rice.

Suddenly the world of prepackaged food was closed to me.
Wheat, dairy and soy are in EVERYTHING!

I started learning how to cook by following recipes I found online.
The food tasted awful!
And it wasn't just my inability to cook.
Using ingredients like xanthium gum caused food to obtain the texture and taste of an old sponge.

I have a family to feed as well as myself.
I just couldn't accept food that didn't taste good.
So I wrote my own recipes.
I learned how to cook vegetables that actually taste good!

No longer does allergen friendly food have to be flavor free.
It doesn't have to taste like cardboard, sponges or lawn clippings.
I have created allergen friendly food based on family recipes that had been handed down for generations and from experimenting with common ingredients.

I have learned to make allergen friendly, home cooked meals that taste "normal", or even better!
This book is filled with recipes that have earn an enthusiastic two thumbs up from my son since he was three.
My husband constantly tell me he can't wait to come home instead of going out to eat when he is traveling for work.

I have just finished typing up my hand written notes that I have been compiling for the past several years and I am about to begin the testing phase.
My boys are very excited to be taste testers and help me make sure each recipe is perfect.

Stay posted as I give updates over the summer.
I hope to have Yum! published and out for sale before the end of the year.

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