Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I find cookbooks that don't have pictures or the photos are in black and white are disappointing.
Cookbooks that have pictures containing things not in the recipe are worse!

The work on my new book continues as I test  and take photographs of each recipe.

2015 Copyright: Sarah Richards

I have finished typing up all my recipes for this gluten, dairy and soy free cookbook.

Now I and my husband are working on making each dish according to the instructions for the recipes that have been typed. It is a process that ensures the discovery of typos and places where the instructions need clarification.

After we make the food, I photograph it before my son devourers it!

Each photograph is food we ate.
There are no doctored pictures. 
No photo staging with bonus ingredients.
Each item in a picture is for that specific recipe as it is written.

Stay tuned!
I will continue to post updates as I keep working on this book!

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